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Monday, January 30, 2012

Super Friends Toy Car by AHI

The Super Friends go vroom, vroom!

While I've generally given up trying to collect every piece of Aquaman merchandise that's out there, this extremely HTF Super Friends Car remains one of my Holy Grails. Before this, I had only seen small pictures of it, like in catalogs. But thank to F.O.A.M.er Brian Heiler and his blog Plaid Stallions, we can now enjoy these awesome close-up shots:
This is such a weird toy for a number of reasons--why are the Super Friends even driving a car? Why are Superman and Batman standing in the back of it like they're in a parade? And where's Wonder Woman? Not that I'm complaining, but 9 times out of 10 she would be used on stuff like this in favor of Aquaman.

And it's that fact that makes this piece so cherished by me (and Brian). Aquaman's inclusion is so unusual that it makes it a Must Have for an Aquaman collector. Even Arthur himself looks a bit shocked to be on this particular road trip!

Thanks for the pics Brian!


Wich2 said...

...and why is the person who spends the least time in the Surface World drving...?

Great Neptune's Ghost!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, does Aquaman even have a license? And isn't driving without a license illegal? Not that I'm about to rat him out. I'm just saying...

James Chatterton

Wings1295 said...

Very weird, but that makes it all the more awesome!

Orin's dad said...

The car reminds me of Speed Buggy. What an odd toy, but in a weird way, very cool.

collectededitions said...

Interesting that this is Super Friends but pre-dates _Super Friends_, it would seem. I wonder how many iterations that name went through aside from the cartoon?

Earth 2 Chris said...

I think this car is from 1976, and Super Friends debuted in 1973, so it's definitely after the show was around. I believe the term was coined for that show as well.

The box art of the heroes has Superman and Aquaman redrawn from the Alex Toth designs, and Batman and Robin from Carmine Infantino and Murphy Anderson's classic 60s poster. Weird!


John said...

Like Rob, I had only ever seen this car in ads so I assumed it was never actually made. How great to see real-live photos!

Thanks to Mr. P. Stallion for the photos and to Rob for posting.

Pardon me while I spend a wistful moment reflecting on my childhood...

Joseph Brian Scott said...

I want to see the "REAR UP" action.

Aaron said...

I think I got lead poisoning just looking at that toy!!

WV: Nesseed- to be molested by the Loch Ness Monster