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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

DC's Fabulous Females

I was rifling through a mess of DC Comics scans, on the hunt for any and all Aquaman material (such is the life of someone who runs an Aquaman blog).

I was pretty confident that this issue of DC Special, "The All-Girl Issue" (ahem), would not feature the Sea King in any way. But then I got to the first page, and:
Sadly, Mera isn't represented in this book, which would have made Aquaman's inclusion are a little more organic, but what the hey--I was just pleasantly surprised to see him here at all!


Joseph Brian Scott said...

Yeah, Mera sure would have been a better choice here, especially considering one of the "fighting females" featured here was a villainess, and another was a stand-alone, non-superheroine who was never seen again. It might have helped the issue's sales, which I've read weren't very good. They could have bumped the Star Sapphire story, and used Mera's first appearance from Aquaman #11 or the very Mera-centric story in #16. Oh vell; what might have been.

rob! said...

Yeah, DC really kinda went out of their way NOT to include Mera in this--"The Girl in the Golden Flower", really?

Earth 2 Chris said...

The weirdest thing for me is that they had Neal Adams draw (or probably redraw) Supergirl on this cover, over Nick Cardy who did the rest. Now, I love me some Neal Adams, but few (including Neal) can touch Nick Cardy when it comes to drawing beautiful women!!!


kevin G. said...

what year is this from?

rob! said...