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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

The Aquaman Shrine Nominated for an Eagle Award!

Great Neptune! The Aquaman Shrine has been nominated for an Eagle Award in the category of Favorite Comics Related Website!

Click this link to take the survey--there you can register several Aquaman-centric votes, like for favorite comic book, favorite writer, favorite artist, favorite single issue, and favorite TPB collection (Death of a Prince), as well as one for the Shrine!

Also, as if this news wasn't exciting enough--Ace Kilroy, the online web comic by myself and Dan O'Connor, has also been nominated for Favorite Web Comic, so please vote for Ace, too!

Thanks to whoever got us on the ballot, and thanks to the folks at the Eagle Awards. Vote early, vote often!*

*I'm kidding. You can only vote once.

1 comment:

jim said...

Galloping Guppies!! Congratulations!!