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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Plastic Man Special Ad - 1979

A couple weeks ago, Mark Evanier wrote a post on his News From Me blog about a rarely-seen Plastic Man Special that was cobbled together at the last minute by Ruby-Spears (the company producing the series) to promote ABC's other Saturday Morning shows. The special was so completely forgotten that it wasn't even included when the animated Plastic Man show was put on DVD a few years ago.

He posted visual proof of the show, which included a still from it, and the above ad, which ran in TV Guide and was apparently drawn by someone who had a few too many at lunch--yet, there's Aquaman, tugged snugly into Plas' armpit!

It amuses me to think that when more professional ads were being commissioned, often as not Aquaman was dropped. Yet whoever drew this thing--even with a deadline fast approaching--took the time to include the Sea King. We salute you, oh anonymous Ruby-Spears staffer!

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Earth 2 Chris said...

I remember this special. Or, I should say, I remember begging my parents to go home so I wouldn't miss it. We barely made it in time as I recall. I was frantic. And hey, I was 4!