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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Young Justice DVD Contest: Round Two!

Two weeks ago, we kicked off a contest with the prize being a copy of Young Justice: Season One Volume Two on DVD. All you had to do to enter was submit your idea on what character should join Young Justice, and why!

Well, we're now onto Round 2, with six entries listed below. Here are the possible candidates:

sgHalo - Submitted by Jerry Resendes

"I'm going to put in a vote for Halo. She has ties to the league through Batman via the Outisiders. She is probably still in her teen years and would fit in with the kids. She has an incredibly unique set of powers. Each of her halo light spectrums provide her with a different ability. (Red: heat blast, Orange: force blast, Yellow: brilliant light, Green: stasis beam, Blue: distortion effect, Indigo: tractor beam, Violet: all the power's at once).

It gave the sociopath personality of Violet Harper control of the body, enabling her to use any or all of Halo's powers, as well as light speed flight. And her origin is just as unique as well as extra-terrsetial. Halo is the fusion of a human body and an Aurakle, an ancient energy-being of iridescent color. Bright as the stars the beautiful young woman now calls herself Violet Harper, an entity in human form. She is also in desperate need of a redesign as her original costume was too over the top and her two more recent costumes have been incredibly drab."

sgKid Devil - Submitted by Gene Hendricks

"I would like to see Kid Devil join the group. It has been established that Blue Devil is part of the League, so Eddie shouldn't be too big a stretch. I liked his inclusion in Teen Titans and I think that he could bring some good dynamics to YJ. His obvious demonic powers would be a topic of discussion, but more so his initial hero worship would conflict with Ms. Martian's weakness to fire. Thus Superboy would go out of his way to shun KD, being over protective again, and Megan would be torn with her normally outgoing personality warring with her self preservation instinct."

sgKid Eternity - Submitted by Russell Burbage

"My suggestion is Kid Eternity.

When the boat that "Kit" Freeman was on was torpedoed during WWII, the angel in charge of admissions mistakenly took him before his time. To rectify this mistake Kit was allowed to return to Earth with his guardian angel, Mr. Keeper. He was given the ability to call up any heroes from the past by calling out "Eternity!" and asking for so-and-so to appear. He can also become invisible and intangible (ie as a ghost) and can also travel through time (by accessing the Rock of Eternity).

My suggestion for the character would be to update him as a war orphan: maybe from Iraq or Bosnia or Somalia, or as a son of a soldier serving there; his parent(s) were scheduled to be killed, but he was not, hence his return to Earth.

Along with bringing a spiritual and pacifist personality to Young Justice he also has a split personality ala Firestorm: only he can see & "talk" to Mr. Keeper. The writers could include any historical characters they would like, OR they could create a group of recurring characters. For example, if there is a scientific adventure, Kid Eternity might always turn to Albert Einstein. These historic characters could be recurring supporting characters on their own."

sgGeo-Force and Terra - Submitted by Ashley Doak

"I want to see Terra and Brion Markov [aka Geo-Force] join the team. Not because she was on Teen Titans, but because of their stories. They have an amazing tragic story that would fit right in with the team. They made mistakes, and they loved like people do. The team could learn a lot from them. Terra's story isn't well known, but Brion's is even less known. He seems to never be acknowledged in the major productions for all that he does. He is a hero and a king. The team could really learn a lot from them and would benefit from their arrival."

sgSteel - Submitted by Jason Motes Bowles

"I know I'm going to be the only one to suggest this character, but my pick is Steel, Natasha Irons. First she's young and would fit. She's also female and the team could always use another of those. Her tech 'powers' are unique, plus she brings some muscle and a big ol' hammer! Similarly to the way she is in the comics, she is hell-bent on being a super hero, regardless of her Uncle John's wishes. He is the retired hero Steel, a former Justice Leaguer and buddy of Superman's. Realizing he can't stop her, he at least wants her trained and under watchful eyes, so he turns to his old friend Superman and asks him to look after her. Superman has known Natasha for years and has even worked with her in her Steel identity, so he agrees and sponsors her membership in the YJ team.

Natasha, being the unofficial 'ward' of Superman, the biggest name in the League means she goes in with a bit of an attitude. She's kind of like the popular girl, who is suddenly thrown in with all the nerds. Because of her smarts, I would make her appear kind of 'flighty.' She's actually just thinking a mile a minute, but the other characters would find it flaky at first. This would make her contrast with the always focused Aqualad. (More on that in a bit) Miss Martian welcomes her with open arms, Artemis turns the cold shoulder, but Natasha is too snooty to care either way. She enjoys the boys lusting after her, which they always do, but she's too cool to ever date Robin or Kid Flash. She may enjoy a rivalry with Robin, who is currently the team's techie, but she's far more advanced than he is. She will especially have a rivalry with Superboy who is fuming that here is a young hero that Superman seems to actually like and interacts with. He'll be jealous and since she is nearly as powerful as he is, their rivalry will spill over into their heroics.

Of course over time, she will get knocked off her high horse. I think a romance with Aqualad would be GREAT! The princess falling for the smart, uptight guy! And her tech powers are a contrast with his more organic, earth-based powers. And like I said, her constant attention shifts would contrast with his very steady personality. Artemis is the resident tough girl. Miss Martian is Miss Congeniality. It would be interesting to have the pretty, popular Mean Girl/Queen Bee character thrown in to mix it up."

sgThe Wonder Twins - Submitted by John Roccuzzo

I know I am supposed to choose only one character for this competition, but honestly I've been DYING for these two characters to be written in a cooler light, much like Aquaman has been! And the reason why there is two is because these two cannot be separated, of course by now you probably know I am talking about Zan and Jayna, the Wonder Twins!

Now, I know you might be thinking that I am just trying to pick the most unexpected, but I seriously think these two could bring such a cool dynamic to such a team. We already have the romantic relationships, i.e. Superboy/Miss Martian and Artemis/Kid Flash, we have the old friends relationship, i.e. Kid Flash/Robin, but what we don't have, and what I think would add a lot to many different team, is a family relationship.

I would like them to be taken in a different direction however. They have one obvious flaw that makes them almost useless in a fight...they have to make physical contact with each other for their powers to work. At the same time, I wouldn't want to get rid of this, because this does create that dynamic that would make them different. To get around this, I think they should either be able to display their abilities individually without physical contact, but when they do make physical contact they're more powerful, or if this would be changing the characters to much, simply make them bad ass fighters when their alone which would be justified by them growing up in the circus on their home planet, much like Dick Grayson.

As for Gleek, I think an alien monkey pet is always cool, but he would need a redesign in my opinion."
Okay, Aqua-Fans--six very interesting, very diverse choices, each argument for their inclusion passionately made. Now it's your turn--vote for your #1 pick via the poll at the top of the sidebar, and in one week the top vote getter wins the Young Justice DVD!

Halo, Kids Devil and Eternity, Geo-Force and Terra, Steel, or The Wonder Twins: who would you like to see join Young Justice?


Anonymous said...

I'm voting for Kid Eternity here.

James Chatterton

Shellhead said...

Um, none of the above?

Give me Wonder Girl or Raven or Zatanna instead. Heck, even Beast Boy.

r duncan said...

Gotta vote for Kid Eternity. I loved him those 100-page specials in the 70s.

Russell said...

Wow, those are some pretty good choices! I *suggested* Kid Eternity but I'm not sure I'll vote for him....! ;-)

Orin's dad said...

Ya had me at Halo...
I like the others, especially Kid Eternity and Wonder Twins, but I love the idea of Halo in YJ.

Anonymous said...

I still like my Idea of a Young Ted Kord being Blue Beetle, but If I have to choose, I'm gonna go with Kid Devil honestly.

Eddie has some good stories in him.

Gene Hendricks said...

You know, there are some really good characters on that list. I thought that I was going for a more obscure yet interesting character when I thought of Kid Devil but I can see that I wasn't the only one. Good suggestions all.

JasonMotesBowles said...

I can't vote against the Wonder Twins! (Plus I'm totally not voting for myself!)

Michael Jones said...

Another Aye for Kid Eternity.