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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Random Panel of the Day #304



Orin's dad said...

I was always a fan of the old All-Star Squadron. Wish it had actually had Aquaman for more than the one or two panels they did post-crisis when they'd show the big gatherings at the Perisphere.

Earth 2 Chris said...

I never even thought of there being an Earth 2 Aquaman until A-SS#31 (the big all-membership issue). I guess I somehow overlooked this panel, even though I have this earlier comic!


Anthony said...

Aquaman showed up in the last issues of the run, too, of course! Though guessing this panel (from the JLA-JSA-A*SS crossover) must be the first comic that officially acknowledges there was an Earth-2 Arthur Curry for sure...

Speaking of which:

EARTH-2 AQUAMAN: (Frowning) Hmph... of *course* I exist! Not that the All-Stars cared, but I was too busy fighting Black Jack, thank you very much! Besides, if you'd really wanted to reach me, you could've thrown a bottle in the ocean and I'd have received it right away!