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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

AquaSketch by Jason Ho

This spiffy Aquaman portrait is by artist Jason Ho!

A few months ago, Jason made an extremely generous gesture--for just $20, he would do a full-color portrait of any character requested, with the fee going to the Help The Cheerleader fund, which went to covering the legal fees of a young woman involved in a particularly ugly and expensive situation. I thought that was a worthy cause, and Jason's gesture so generous, that I of course immediately thought of ordering up an Aquaman.

Over the following weeks, so much money was raised--combined with a change in the young woman's legal situation for the better--that the fund ended up with more money than they needed. So Jason requested that whoever hadn't yet donated the $20 do so to a charity of their choice, in exchange for the sketch. Another act of generosity from Jason!

So the day this wonderful piece arrived in my mailbox, I sent $20 to Let's Adopt Global, an organization devoted to rescuing and finding homes for animals that no one else would take in--the old, the sick, the damaged. There was a particular dog named Ajoo who needed some money, so I sent the $20 in his name.

I let Jason know where the money went, and it was a rare moment of a situation being win-win-win-win: Jason made a difference, the cheerleader was indeed helped, Ajoo got another donation, and I got this super-cool Aquaman sketch!


Orin's dad said...

Cool pic, and a very neat story as well. A $20 donation to one's favorite charity sounds like a great deal for a great sketch!

J.Ho said...

I'm so happy that you like the sketch, Rob! :)