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Monday, October 17, 2011

"The Aquaman Shrine is..."

Hey Aqua-Fans!

The Shrine is working on a new section for the sidebar, a collection of "pull quotes" consisting of nice and/or complimentary things people have said about the Shrine, whether in print or online (you can see examples of what I mean right here, since I did something similar for my TreasuryComics.com site). Now that the Shrine is five years old, I thought it was appropriate to have such a section.

That's where you all come in--if you see such a quote, again in print or online, please send it to aquamanshrine@comcast.net, with "quote" in the subject line, and please include a link to the original quote if from an online source. Once we get dozen or so, we'll put 'em up here on the Shrine.

Thanks everyone!


Wings1295 said...

Will keep my eyes peeled!

rob! said...

Thx Joe!