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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Adventure Comics #143 - Aug. 1949

Comics Weekend "The Second Robinson Crusoe!" by Otto Binder and John Daly.

It's Adventure Sunday!

Aquaman gets help from The Sea Sleuth facing off his most persistent foe, Black Jack!
After Aquaman scrapes off the tar, he goes back to searching for Black Jack. Luckily for him, The Sea Sleuth is also on the case, albeit accidentally!

Phineas stumbles across Black Jack and his gang. Realizing he's in over his head (barely, this is Black Jack after all), The Sea Sleuth uses a rock that is half underwater to tap out a Morse Code signal, which Aquaman picks up, even miles away!
...and with that, so ends another adventure with Aquaman!

This was The Sea Sleuth's final appearance, in Aquaman's strip or in any DC comic (though it wouldn't shock me if George Perez didn't squeeze him into an issue of Crisis on Infinite Earths). Maybe his creator Otto Binder, realizing he only had six measly pages to work with, decided there just wasn't enough room to give Aquaman and Phineas enough to do on an ongoing basis.

It's also possible Binder was hoping The Sea Sleuth would take off and end up with his own strip; if that was the case he was surely disappointed. Kids wanted Aquaman, dammit!


Anonymous said...

Viva Adventure Sunday!

Sad to say farewell to the Sea Sleuth. I wonder if he decided to go back to that island? I wouldn't blame him, considering that swanky condo he'd set up.

Black Jack seems more pathetic than ever here. I wonder if that's just a cumulative reaction on my part from seeing him fail so many Sundays in a row?

l love the expressions of the walrus and the turtle squatting in Black jack's boat. Priceless!

James Chatterton

Joseph Brian Scott said...

Ha ha, and what about the Sea Sleuth bathing in the bacteria-riddled nasal discharge from the whale? Maybe that's why he was never seen again. Still, I did become rather fond of him in the scant time he was with us. Definitely more competent and less embarrassing than a lot of other comic relief sidekicks of the era. He sure deserved a spot in the Dorkin/Weissman tribute to superhero sidekicks from 2001's Bizzaro Comics, "Without You I'm Nothing."

Anthony said...

No more Sea Sleuth? Too bad... wonder what would've become of him post-Golden Age on Earth-2 (though guess the same question could be asked of Black Jack, who IIRC doesn't appear post-Golden Age either). Still, seems like they must've went quite a long stretch after this before giving Aquaman any supporting characters again...

Re: Superboy: Superboy starts a savings bank at the request of Smallville High's student council, and helps students who take loans from him. (Doesn't Smallville have a *real* bank or two for such? Though given Smallville's near-constant bank robberies/mobsters lurking about, guess borrowing money from Superboy would be safer...).