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Friday, September 23, 2011

Splash Pages: Adventure Comics #452

Art by Jim Aparo

Because The Aquaman Shrine doesn't have enough ongoing features, we're starting another one: Splash Pages!

Splash Pages--the name writes itself--was partly inspired by the enthusiastic response to this post, and also by the fact that in the early days of the Shrine, I didn't always post the splash page to whatever story I was recapping (what was I thinking?).

Basically this is just a(nother) chance for the Shrine to show off nice pieces of Aqua-centric artwork, and who doesn't love looking at stuff like this?


Wings1295 said...

Great idea! You guys are always thinking over there. Must be the water.

Joe Slab said...

LMAO! Good one, Joe!

Must be the coffee ;)

Joe Slab