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Friday, September 02, 2011

F.O.A.M.'s Fortune

The Aquaman Shrine would like to thank the following people for subscribing (only $1 a month--cheap!). Names in italics are new F.O.A.M. members!

Faisal Al-Awdi
Max California
James Chatterton
Ivan Costa
Christopher Mac Donald
Matthew Turnage

The Shrine would also like to thank new F.O.A.M.er Matthew Brillhart and current F.O.A.M.er Stephen Peterson for their generation donations!

One final message in regards to subscriptions and keeping the Shrine ad-free: not long after we got the shaft from Google Ad Sense, a bunch of online advertisers have asked about putting their ads on the Shrine.

So far, I've turned them all down, for several reasons: partly because their content was not a good match for the Shrine, but mostly because I really want to make this place self-sufficient, and the way we're doing that is with subscriptions. So if you want to see the Shrine keep going, and keep growing, for the love of Neptune, subscribe!

Thanks Aqua-Fans!

1 comment:

aqua-buckeye said...

so the 2 f.o.a.m. guys mentioned above made some "generation donations".sounds like they used some aquatic telepathy on their relatives (lol).now i really need to find a way to get a f.o.a.m. membership.