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Friday, September 02, 2011

DC Super Heroes Trading Card - 1982

F.O.A.M.er Rick Duncan sent in this little curio, a trading card featuring this DC superhero group shot by the late, great Dick Giordano.

This piece of stock art was used many times--on the covers to some promotional comics, on the cover to a View Master booklet, on the cover to the 1979 DC Super Heroes Poster Book. Which only makes sense, since Giordano excelled at iconic, easy-to-recognize shots of the DC heroes.
But upon closer inspection, I see this version of the piece has been altered--the Supergirl figure, which is flying on the original, has been added to the bottom, stuck in between Green Arrow and Wonder Woman, displacing The Flash. Obviously whoever this was for thought it pretty important Kara get included!

Rick's not sure what this was used for, and neither am I. I'm going to assume it was a cereal promo, because of its size; but of course I could be wrong. Any idea, Aqua-Fans?

Thanks Rick!


aqua-buckeye said...

isn't the trading card a watered down version of the dc poster book cover minus a few running villains? i see they took the time to alter wonder woman's top so this must have been from 1981 or later?

r duncan said...

Rob-The size is quite a bit bigger than a baseball card. It is more like 4 by 6 inches. If you recall the scan included a quarter for size comparison.

Rick Duncan (fellow 'Aqua-buckeye')

rob! said...


Sorry! In your email you wrote the card stock was like that of a baseball card, and my brain transposed that to being the size of a BB card when I wrote the post. I do that sometimes...