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Friday, September 30, 2011

DC Heroclix Checklist

Courtesy F.O.A.M.er Rick Duncan comes this poster checklist for the 2011 line of DC Heroclix figures (click to embiggen)...which, thankfully, includes Aquaman!
This wave is clearly centered around Superman (which leaves me confused as to why characters like The Queen of Fables, Swamp Thing, and Element Woman are included), so I guess that's why we don't have some of the bigger stars of the DCU represented, not to mention Mera.

If you're an Aquaman merch completist, prepare for a night job, because with the Sea King being such a big part of the New 52, there's going to be
a lot of new stuff like this to buy!

Thanks Rick!

Speaking of Heroclix, the Emperor Aquaman Heroclix figure came out on Wednesday, 9/28, making it an even bigger day for Aqua-Fans who are also gamers! F.O.A.M.er Daniel Hemmann sent some pics:
Thanks Daniel!


Count Drunkula said...

After GREEN LANTERN: REBIRTH and the start of GL's ongoing series written by Geoff Johns, DC Direct launched a line of Green Lantern action figures. They made something like fifty action figures based on BLACKEST NIGHT and twelve more for BRIGHTEST DAY. DC Direct even had a FLASHPOINT wave of toys based on characters from that saga.

Rob, are you ready for what comes next? Are you physically and mentally prepared to handle a whole line of action figures based on the AQUAMAN book by Johns and Reis when it really ramps up? Because it's going to happen and I get dizzy thinking about it.

images2icons said...

Did Arthur's eye slip to his nose? In the close up of the heroclix looks like his eye is on his nose. Looking at this checklist, Heroclix has gotten a lot better at their poses. They actually look good.

I actually played the original game with the fantasy figs then, the Marvel ones, I got out right before they started DC; now its looking like I should have waited a bit longer, and I see a few I want to go track down, when the budget allows. Not too bad.

Scipio said...

This figure is one of the most sought after in the set, with one of the best dials. It addition to a punishing set of regular powers and stat, it has a special power that allows up to three aquatic figures to make free moves every time Aquaman moves. Furthermore, if Aquaman is kayoed (taken out of the game) all non-elevated clear terrain is FLOODED, becoming water terrain (a huge advantage to any remaing aquatic/Atlantis figures).