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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Aquaman's 70th Birthday Celebration Continues!

Laurie S. Sutton, Editor, Arion: Lord of Atlantis
"Happy Birthday Wishes to King Arthur, Sovereign of the Sea, the one and only Aquaman! I had the great pleasure of chronicling the tails...er, tales of your Atlantean ancestors in Arion: Lord of Atlantis. This was a dream come true for me because I grew up reading your undersea adventures, which inspired me to write my own comic book stories and eventually become an editor at DC. Without Aquaman, I'd probably be working for Marvel. (Oh, wait, I did that. But don't worry, I never had eyes for Namor.) I lift my glass of Aquavit and offer a toast to His Marine Majesty--here's to 70 more years of aqua-tastic adventures!"


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r duncan said...

"His Marine Majesty!"

I like that.