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Monday, September 19, 2011

The All-New Super Friends Hour: Episode 11

It's time for another episode of The All-New Super Friends Hour!

First, Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman take on a mad scientist in a segment called "The Fifty Foot Woman." In the Safety segment, Aquaman helps school some kids what to do when you accidentally take in too much water when swimming:
After the Wonder Twins expose a kid whose cheating escalates into almost comically murderous proportions, Wonder Woman does a little De-Coding.

After that, all the Super Friends are assembled for an alien invasion in "Exploration Earth":
A giant alien sphere lands on Earth and (looking a lot like the landers in War of the Worlds) starts hoovering up people and animals. It rampages its way on land, and when it makes it way underwater, Aquaman tries to stop it from sucking up his finny friends, but finds the ship is too powerful:
Aquaman has some whales cause an avalanche and bury it in rocks, but after a few moments it breaks free and keeps walking, heading now for Metropolis!

Repeated attempts to stop it fail, and the ship grabs the Wonder Twins (and that's a problem why?). Then, suddenly, the ship stops. Batman and Wonder Woman try to sneak in, but are repelled by the ship's defenses. The Super Friends consult the Hall of Justice computer, which manages to communicate with the aliens who sent the lander. The Super Friends demand they retract the lander, and free the prisoners, but the aliens simply refuse: they ain't afraid of no Super Friends!

The Wonder Twins try to escape, while Superman heads for the planet Xeno, where the aliens are. Superman sees that the aliens--in fact, the whole planet--is lilliputian when compared to him, but they have Kryptonite cables(!) which manage to pin Superman, Gulliver-style. Meanwhile, the rest of the Super Friends continue their parade of fail, trying desperately to stop the lander, to no avail.

Superman manages to free himself, and grabs another alien lander, taking it back to Earth. He uses it to fight the first lander, and frees all its prisoners. Superman then grabs both landers, and hurls them into the sun!

Later, the aliens apologize and, unbelievably, the Super Friends buy this, basically letting bygones be bygones.

After a Crafts segment with Batman and Robin involving making a two-way phone with paper cups (whose network is still better than AT&T's), Aquaman teams-up with Samurai to take on...killer bees!:

A small African village is attacked by killer bees, and Aquaman and Samurai's first concern is getting the citizens to safety:
Aquaman lures the bees out of the village, over the edge of a waterfall, where Samurai is waiting to grab them with a net, which works flawlessly. No more killer bees!

Finally, there's a Health segment, where Aquaman teaches a kid to clean a cut immediately, to prevent infection:
...and so ends another fun episode of The All-New Super Friends Hour!

Aquaman gets a lot to do in this one, appearing in four separate segments! I, for one, could watch a whole show of Aquaman helping kids be safe and teaching them stuff.

This episode's Aqua-Content: High

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Wings1295 said...

I think I remember the Aquaman/Samurai segment! And yeah, content high & your commentary is quite fun. I, though, liked the Wonder Twins, at least as a kid. Wish they would have been better integrated into the main DCU. Ah, maybe this new DCU will try again.