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Monday, September 12, 2011

The All-New Super Friends Hour: Episode 10

It's time for another episode of The All-New Super Friends Hour!

First, Superman and Wonder Woman deal with your prototypical wacky scientist who thinks his invention--which converts the world's greatest monuments into pictures because...well, does it really matter? Of course, he goes from kooky to evil when he turns his invention on The Man of Steel and the Amazing Amazon!

After the Wonder Twins segment, Superman gives us some De-Coder clues, followed by all the Super Friends in one of their goofiest adventures ever, "The Mind Maidens":
In the secret HQ of "The most dangerous woman on Earth" is Medula, a pupil-less supervillain who has built some sort of ray that can control the minds of women all over the world!

The women becoming the unwitting slaves of Medula, zapping all the men around them, and transporting them to Medula's base. She then converts her prisoners into "micro dots", storing them all on computer tape!

The Pentagon contacts the Super Friends, and they spring into action. Unfortunately, during an assault on Medula's base, she even manages to get control of Wonder Woman and Jayna, who zap Aquaman, undoubtedly because he is the most powerful Super Friend, and therefore the biggest threat to Medula's plan. Yep, that's it:
(This sequence guest-animated by Rob Liefield)

Superman sneaks his way into Medula's base and gets the other XY-chromosomed members of the team back to normal, and they all head to Washington D.C., where Medula plans to go after the President, thereby setting off a worldwide malaise.

Wonder Woman is de-Medula-ized, and she heads back to the HQ and uses Medula's own computer to take control of all of her mindless slaves, even the women who are just severed heads:
Medula is jailed, and Wonder Woman reminds us all that progress is made step-by-step, not due to one person's megalomania. No mention is made of why Wonder Woman only earns 70% of her fellow Super Friends.

After a Crafts segment with Wonder Woman (cause, you know, that's girly stuff), Batman and Robin team up with Apache Chief to take on an Abominable Snowman!

Batman and Robin end the show teaching kids about drunk driving ("A very bad mixture, for anyone"). Considering how bland these Safety/Health segments generally were, this one's actually kind of gutsy, and aimed at older viewers.

...and so ends another fun episode of The All-New Super Friends Hour!

Aquaman's not present much in this one; he plays a large role in the Super Friends segment, but that's it!

This episode's Aqua-Content: Low


Mr Saturday Morning said...

"Mind Maidens" is one of my favorite SUPERFRIENDS episodes.... I even honored it when I did this revamped illo of Wendy & Marvin: http://n8twing.deviantart.com/gallery/24083444#/d30ukf3

Count Drunkula said...

Quick, Rob! Post this COVER FOR JUSTICE LEAGUE #4

From Newsarama's article about 10 books topping the 100k sales mark.

Count Drunkula said...

Too late-- I see you've already linked it on Twitter.

Joseph Brian Scott said...

Being Medula-ized looks fun; you're so dreamy you don't MIND being a severed head.

rob! said...

Love the pic Bill! I have a soft spot for Wendy and Marvin while I generally loathe The Wonder Twins. Go figure.

JBS--Being a severed head is a small price to pay for being able to freeze men with your eyes.