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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Adventure Comics #140 - May 1949

Comics Weekend "The Sleuth of The Sea!" by Otto Binder and John Daly.

It's Adventure Sunday!

Aquaman becomes a Baltic Sea Irregular when he meets the world-famous detective...Phineas Pike?!?
Aquaman makes quick work of the sea-faring crooks, and ties them up. He tries to get information from, wanting to know who their kidnapping partner is on land--but no one's talking!

So Aquaman turns to the Sea Sleuth for help, and he deduces that the crooks' boat came from Blue Bay. Aquaman makes a bee line for it, and finds two more of the gang, counting their loot!

They fire at Aquaman, but he avoids getting hit. Then he hatches a plan:
...to be continued?!?

Yes, this story is a rarity, in that its the first of a two-parter! I guess Otto Binder liked Phineas Pike so much he couldn't just disappear after one six-page story.

Again, I think John Daly's work here--combined with the anonymous colorist's--is outstanding: its completely divorced from reality of course (bright yellow buildings? white-and-pink-striped skies?), but it really makes these stories stand out. Maybe now we're getting an idea why Aquaman lasted through the 1950s, when so many of his superhero pals got put out to pasture?

One final note: There will be no Adventure Sunday next week, 9/25, that's because the Shrine is putting up a super-special 70th Birthday Celebration post for the Sea King, whose first appearance hit the stands on September 25, 1941! Please stop by, we're sure every Aqua-Fan, young and old, will love it!


Anthony said...

Another fun entry.

Good thing Aquaman/that cop found that bottle after only a week (versus, say, a year or something)...

Re: Superboy: This month's plot: Clark Kent accidentally takes a trip to the moon with an absent-minded professor, exposing his Superboy identity during the trip. Apparently there's anachronistic mention of then-current-day celebrities in the story, suggesting they haven't grasped the idea of (or didn't care) how to handle Superboy's setting time-wise yet.

Richard said...

Agreed about John Daly...and particularly in the title panel, once again you can see the Jack Kirby influence on his style coming through distinctly. (And then in the next couple of panels, it vanishes...)

Anonymous said...

Viva Adventure Sunday!

I'm wondering if Phineas was an actual attempt to saddle Aquaman with a sidekick. It seemed like every DC hero in the 40's had either a costumed kid, or older comic relief. Phineas shows more potential than most. Why, his knowledge even frightens me at times!

Yep, liking the Binder/Daly/unknown colorist team. The last few stories have been vibrant and entertaining.

Two weeks for the next installment of Phineas Pike, Sleuth of the Sea? Say it ain't so.

James Chatterton

rob! said...


Sorry for next week's skip, but I really hope you stop by and visit anyway, its gonna be really cool!