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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

You Can Be A Hero!

Check out this awesome Japanese ad for Coca-Cola, featuring a whole bunch of Li'l DC Superheroes, including Aqua-Kid (around the :20 second mark)!

(h/t: Newest F.O.A.M.er Michael T. Jones. Welcome Michael!)


Orin's dad said...

That's Outrageous! The little Wonder Woman in the ad reminds me of when I was a kid and my little sister used to spin in place and pretend to become Wonder Woman. I was always Aquaman (naturally) and we would defeat bad guys together.

Russell said...

This is adorable! And for those of you who are Japanese language challenged, here's the translation!

Translation of the red screens:
People were all heroes
(hito wa mina hiro datta)
Do you remember?
(osore shirazu)
We were Allies of Justice
(seigi no mikata datta)
Where is your cape from those days?
(anotoki no manto wa doko?)
It's time to wear it again
(mo ichido kirutoki ga yattekita)
Heroes are within all of us
(hiro wa mina no naka ni iru)

Song lyrics (those that I could catch):
Clear days (hare no hi mo)
Rainy days (ame no hi mo)
We looked forward (mae wo mite)
We had dreams we believed
(bokutachiga yume wo mite shinjiita)
Remember (hero)
You were a (hero)
We need a (hero)
It's okay to remember
(omoidashite iiyo)
Remember (hero)
You were a (hero)
You can be a hero

....but I still like Pepsi better. ;-)

Michael Jones said...

Thanks Russell for going the extra step with the translation (granted, something I'm unable to do.) Truth be told, I'm a bigger Pepsi fan too (they usually have cooler toys/giveaways in Japan!)