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Friday, August 26, 2011

JLA Flashback #10

Justice League of America #142 - May 1977. Cover art by Rich Buckler and Jack Abel.

One of Aquaman's finest moments in the JLA, courtesy writer Steve Englehart: a whole issue almost exclusively starring the Sea King, the Atom, and the Elongated Man, dealing head-on with the topic of "B"-level superheroes!


Wings1295 said...

These posts have me looking forward to getting my comics out and organized. That is my plan for this Fall/Winter. Can't wait!

rob! said...

My work here is done!

Randy Meyer said...

And it should be noted that this issue features a kinda/sorta DC/Marvel crossover as Aquaman, Atom and Elongated Man team up with 'Mantis' of the Avengers.