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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Aquaman @ Sea World

F.O.A.M. member Brian Heiler posted on his blog Plaid Stallions these pics of the awesome live-action Supehero Sea World show that featured, among others, a live-action Aquaman and Mera!

In this instance, Aquaman did an amazing "death-defying" jump into a ring of fire! I know I say this all the time, but...outrageous! Thanks Brian!


Wings1295 said...

Love this. And the little close is cool, live-action Aquaman and Mera!

Aaron said...

Admittedly cool, but if it was Martian Manhunter jumping through a ring of fire... now THAT would be something. ;)

Marc Tyler Nobleman said...

Funny you post this today, because just yesterday I began posting an extensive look at the Sea World superheroes show: http://noblemania.blogspot.com/2011/08/super-70s-and-80s-sea-world-superheroes.html.

Therefore, I'm able to report that it was NOT Aquaman who performed the high dive but rather (and rather cleverly) Green Arrow. (My interview with one of the high divers is up in about a week.) HOWEVER, as some of performers explain in their interviews, Aquaman was the star of the show in the sense that his character had the hardest stunts.

PLENTY of really fun, never published photos to come, many of Aquaman, including a few good ones in the very first post of the series!

rob! said...


I tried to time it around your blog posts; didn't know when the Sea World stuff was starting, at least how it relates to Aquaman. I gave it its own post above, thanks!

Marc Tyler Nobleman said...

Thank you Rob!

Russell said...

Coolness!! Why doesn't Sea World or some other place still do this, especially with Marvel so prevalent in...Universal? Wherever it is they are! :-(

Aaron said...

"Therefore, I'm able to report that it was NOT Aquaman who performed the high dive but rather (and rather cleverly) Green Arrow."- Aquafan that I am, rob, I must still count this as a minor victory for Green Arrow.

Marc Tyler Nobleman said...

Russell, I just found out Sea World can't do a revival at this time because Six Flags has the DC license.