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Monday, August 29, 2011

The All-New Super Friends Hour: Episode 8

It's time for another episode of The All-New Super Friends Hour!

First up is Aquaman and Superman starring in "The Invisible Menace":
A mysterious sub, commanded by Captain Nemis(!), is chasing after a scientist who is working on some high-tech undersea mining equipment. Nemis wants to steal the equipment, and has a trick up his sleeve to do it: an invisibility ray!

With he and his crew invisible, they steal the mining device, and then use it on Superman and Aquaman when they show up to investigate:
Nemis turns a giant whale invisible, and it attacks Aquaman. Aquaman has trouble escaping its jaws, so he has Superman help him escape (boo!). But Aquaman does manage to sneak aboard Nemis' invisible sub, where he covers the bad guys in ink from an octopus. With Nemis and his crew now visible, Aquaman easily subdues them, and rescues the scientist.

Meanwhile, Superman stops the runaway mining device before it runs amok. The scientist knows it needs more testing, and goes back to work!

After a Safety segment with Wonder Woman, The Wonder Twins waste all our time with a solo adventure. Then its time for all the Super Friends to participate in "Coming of the Anthropods":
Deep in space, a planet consisting entirely of insects (who look a lot like Zorak) banishes a rogue group of prisoners, sending them to Earth.

The head insect vows revenge, which involves stealing a missile and using some sort of mind-control gas to take control of anyone who tries to stop them, including an entire military base!

The insects fire some boulders at Batman's Bat-Boat, which causes it to sink, leaving the Dynamic Duo and Aquaman at the mercy of some alligators. Aquaman goes after the big one:
After escaping the giant alligator (by tricking it into getting itself stuck in an old log), Superman and Wonder Woman get zapped by the insects laser, which paralyzes them. Aquaman, Batman, and Robin sneak into a pyramid (where the insects are hiding) and stop the insects' plan to destroy their home planet.

They return Superman and Wonder Woman to normal, and the former brings all the insect criminals back to their home planet, admonishing them for all for trying to dump their problems onto Earth. The insects, smarter but still kinda gross, agree.

After Batman and Robin help us with some De-Coding, Aquaman stars in the Magic segment, teaching us how to the old "disappearing coin" gag, which involves having it stick to your fingernail, necessitating the Sea King remove his glove:

In the final team-up segment, there's no Aquaman--it's Wonder Woman with, of all people, Rima The Jungle Girl!

I love what an odd choice of co-star this is--someone who barely appeared in DC comics, and wasn't even a DC character to begin with! Somebody at Hanna-Barbera was really thinking outside the box this time around.

...and so ends another fun episode of
The All-New Super Friends Hour!

With Aquaman in the first and third segments (where he gets a lot to do), plus appearing the Magic feature, this makes for one Aqua-riffic episode!

This episode's Aqua-Content: High


Brent said...

What's a "Rima"?!?

rob! said...

Rima was a character licensed by DC and given her own series in 1975. Didn't last long, but was pretty good!


Shawn said...

You KNOW I love you, but, - the Wonder Twins could NEVER waste our time, no matter what they are doing. Please think of the feelings of the person who is about to start The Wonder Twins Shrine!


* and before any of you OTHER wisen-heimers start - - - don't pick on Wendy and Marvin either!


rob! said...

I just never liked the Wonder Twins, ever. But I DID like Marvin and Wendy!

Orin's dad said...

You can't go wrong with Wendy and Marvin. Those were fun episodes. Would like to see them again to see how they hold up compared to the others.

Earth 2 Chris said...

I came in a bit late for Wendy and Marvin, but I can't stand Marvin at all, and Wendy and Wonder Dog don't do much for me either. I may have seen Wendy and Marvin first, but the first SF I really remember is the All-New SF Hour, so that's where my nostalgia lies.

Marvin may be the single most annoying cartoon character ever, to me anyway.


rob! said...

You must have loved that moment in Kingdom Come, Chris!

Earth 2 Chris said...

Indeed I did!


Joseph Brian Scott said...

Always thought the WT were cheesy but an improvement over their predecessors, and the SF comic book helped legitimize them in my eyes, somewhat.

Even as a kid I recognized Wendy and Marvin for what they were, a corny, manipulative, non-comic-book related attempt at comic relief and to give young viewers characters with which to identify, but they occasionally got some good lines. One moment that's stuck with me, even after all these years, is when they were asked how well they swim;
MARVIN: Like a fish! WENDY: Like a person.