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Monday, August 29, 2011

Flashpoint #5 Preview: It All Changes Here!

The hit series by Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert concludes - in a flash - this week and the lives of the World's Greatest Super-Heroes will never be the same! All throughout Flashpoint we've seen the disastrous effects an altered DCU timeline have had upon the lives of Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Hal Jordan, and more...well as the story concludes with this Wednesday's final issue, it also simultaneously marks the end of 70+ years of publishing history AND the beginning of a new era for DC Comics with the launch of the New 52.

The first issue of the New 52 accompanies the release of
Flashpoint #5 on August 31st and Geoff Johns recently teased that the final page of Flashpoint bridges the story to the first page of Justice League #1, also scribed by Johns with art duties by none other than Mr. Jim Lee.

The Aquaman Shrine staff plan to attend midnight release parties for both books and will bring you a special preview on Wednesday of the eagerly anticipated
Justice League #1, as well as up to the minute information via Twitter during this historic week for comic book fans.

Due to Hurricane Irene, there may be unanticipated delays in East Coast stores receiving shipments from Diamond Distributors/UPS but rest assured both Flashpoint #5 & Justice League #1 will be available digitally from DC Comics through Comixology at 2 PM EST on August 31, come rain or shine.

To see the full Flashpoint # 5 preview visit USAToday.com for the news "flash" and check back at the Shrine for full recaps of Flashpoint and Justice League on Saturday August 3rd!

*Correction: Only Justice League #1 will be available digitally on Wednesday at 2 PM. Flashpoint #5 will not be available digitally until 4 weeks later, even though it is a pre-requisite to the story in JL#1.


wich2 said...


Not at your post, Rob - at the Umptieth MAJOR REBOOT! That CHANGES EVERYTHING!! That we MUST BUY!!!

Here'd be a REAL "big change" idea: how about just good stories, well told?

(Oh - and taking Kal-El's shorts away ain't originality, gents...)

r duncan said...

Here we go...for good or bad? We'll soon see.

Anonymous said...

I'm less concerned with Clark losing his shorts than with him losing his parents, but good stories would be nice. I'm not in favor of 'rebooting', but the way I figure it, at least for the time being, DC will have to bring its 'A' game, and not have any fill-in writers/artists for the next little while, so the books should be better than what we've been getting.

rob! said...

Craig, I'm only slightly younger than you, so I've lived through all these reboots as well.

That said, DC had to do something big--their best-selling book for months was Brightest Day, which sold less than 100,000 copies an issue. When those numbers are the best you've got, you've gotta do SOMETHING to turn the ship around.

I have my doubts about this whole reboot too; not because its yet another reboot but because, from what I've seen, it doesn't go nearly far enough in shaking things up.

But I'll admit, I'm kinda excited over this! Call me naive or whatever, I think this might be DC's best chance in decades to start fresh and not get so bogged down with continuity, and just tell good stories (like Sholly Fisch does every month in Brave and the Bold, not that anyone notices).

Whether DC tells those good stories is, of course, up for grabs. But, as I sit here, I'm choosing to remain optimistic. It doesn't happen much, and I want to enjoy the feeling...

Wings1295 said...

I am of a like mind to Rob. DC had to do something and I kind of wish they had started with clean slates for ALL the characters, instead of trying to fit in somethings here and there.

But I am excited and looking forward to this new start.