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Monday, July 25, 2011

Brave and the Bold: "The Criss Cross Conspiracy!"

Somehow, the Shrine missed this Season 2 episode of Batman: Brave and the Bold, which featured Aquaman in more-than-cameo role. Cartoon Network probably ran it on Sunday morning at 1:32 am or something.

While the main story focuses on Batman, Batwoman, and The Riddler, the opening segment is another story: we see Batman and The Atom fighting off an attack by the...less-than-imposing villain Bug-Eyed Bandit. They need help, and Batman has called in a friend:
Turns out that the Atom's size-controls on his belt have been damaged, leaving them trapped at microscopic size!

Aquaman is charmed by his pals' diminutive stature, but they remind him to "Focus!"
The Atom leaps aboard Aquaman, crawling into his ear. He directs the Sea King to grab a nearby hunk of White Dwarf Star and place it in another of the Atom's high-tech machines.

Aquaman obliges, but then the Bug-Eyed Bandit attacks with a swarm of his robot insects!
Batman, using his flying bat-wings, fires at the tiny robots, destroying them. Aquaman is, as he puts it, "on fire", but he nevertheless does the Atom asks, returning his pals--and the Bandit--to normal size.

Bug-Eyed Bandit is barely deterred, but his plans are interrupted when the Sea King pastes him one good:
With that, the crisis is over...though Aquaman is in dire need of some bug spray!

Written by Michael Chang (although I can't be sure this opener is by him, since the show has been known to swap out these segments), this is Aquaman at nearly his most comic, but who cares when you get to see Aquaman knock a bad guy off his feet?

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