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Friday, July 22, 2011

Aquaman #1 Spoilers?

sgThe Shrine was a flurry of activity last night, with multiple posts featuring sneak preview pages of the new Aquaman #1, and that got me thinking.

When I was a teen, I eagerly awaited the release of the 1989 Batman movie. In age where there are multiple comic book-based movies out all in one summer, a single movie doesn't seem like that big a deal, but it was: trust me, it was huge.

During the lead up to its release, I consumed any and all info on movie: I eagerly chased after every scrap of info on the film, an effort that reached it apogee when I bought the Official Batman Movie Novelization, which pretty much gave you the entire story of the movie before it was even released. Sensing the movie now held not that many surprises for me, I realized I had gone too far. I scaled it back a bit for future Bat-films (and other media I was interested in), and while it took me years to fully give up the practice, I never reached the heights of spoiler insanity that I did in the summer of 1989. And that brings us to Aquaman.

More and more of the book--which seems to be treated as a marquee title by DC, huzzah--will probably get leaked out as its release looms. The Shrine loves bringing Aqua-Fans the latest news, so my natural instinct is to post everything we find.

But is that going too far? At what point do you want to just read Aquaman #1 when it comes out and not want to see anything else beforehand? The sample pages posted last night certainly seemed to go over well, but I'd be afraid if the Shrine put up more it would take away from the joy of reading the book for the first time.

To that end, the Shrine is putting up a new poll: do you want to see as much sneak preview stuff of Aquaman #1 as possible, or should we hold off? Let your voice be heard, Aqua-Fans!


Tegan said...

I have no problem with the sneak peek, because it's the actual book. But if someone were to tell you the plotline of the story, or some villain that's appearing soon that was planned as a surprise... well, I wouldn't want to read that.

I try to stay spoiler-free in general, myself. I figure if it's in the solicits, it's fair game, but I still try to warn people on my Previews page.

rob! said...

That seems totally reasonable, and I guess this question is a little hard reduced to a "yes" or "no."

But let's say somebody leaks five more pages right from the book--should the Shrine post those? Can you read too much of #1 before it actually comes out?

Michael May said...

I voted for more even though I don't look at a lot of spoilers. My opinion is that, as a place for collecting Aquaman information, the Shrine ought to include as much of that information as possible.

Fans who wish to avoid spoilers (like me) have the option to skip those posts, but the option should be there for those who want the information.

Rock Roche said...

I don't mind text-spoilers... but I really dislike scans of splash pages and/or reveals from a book I'm going to get. Comics are the only medium this irks me.

Games & Movies, you can spoil everything; but comics I like to read it myself and get that cliffhanger feeling I only get from comics.

Eric said...

Can I give you one of my similar experiences? Back in 1985, when Return to Oz was coming out, I got the novelization, about three weeks before the movie itself was released. However, having been burned before, this time I deliberately waited to read it until after I'd seen the movie itself. And that worked for me. So maybe you could set up a policy of "If it possibly goes too far, I'm holding off on posting it until after the book comes out." (Not that that will help Laura and me, since we get our comics mail order, several weeks after they come out.)

Brent said...

I like the idea of posting them, but with big SPOILER marked on it, or small thumbnails you have to click on to see larger.

Or maybe it's just a link to the site where the teaser is being featured.

But I voted NO because I'm going to stick it out to read the whole book. My appetite has been whetted enough and I don't want to ruin the meal!

c´żśnical said...

As long as you don't post spoilers, I'm good.

Joe Slab said...

Actually, we really never post or tweet true SPOILERS.

We alert Aqua-fans to confirmed news, appearances, quotes from important people in the Aquaverse.

We may post preview art to generate excitement but they are more teasers than spoilers.

And rob!'s recaps always leave a few days in between a books release date and being posted on the blog.

Joe Slab