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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Adventure Comics #130 - July 1948

Comics Weekend "The Sweetheart of the Seven Seas!" by Joe Samachson(?) and John Daly.

It's Adventure Sunday!

In this week's adventure, Aquaman does something he's never done before...fall in love!
Aquaman brings back a necklace made of pearls the size of golf balls, sure that it will impress Esther.

But Esther is a tough nut to crack: she now demands that the Sea King...jump over a rainbow?!? As odd as this request sounds, Aquaman looks to find a way to do it, first by jumping on the back of a friendly whale:
...and so ends another adventure with Aquaman!

Um...okay. Obviously whoever wrote this one (Joe Samachson?) was having more than a bit of fun, writing a story that makes Aquaman look like a complete dope. And then to reveal the whole thing was "Just a dream"...

I love how Aquaman goes to the movies, and no one blinks an eye at his unusual get-up. Maybe this theater gets a lot of superhero business!

Also--why is that gorilla/wolfman-ish monster wearing pants?


Anonymous said...

Viva Adventure Sunday!

This was the goofiest one yet. But way fun to read. Did this adventure take place on a special extra-goofy parallel Earth-Two?

Considering how fast Aquaman made it from California to the Arctic and back, why did he bother with the train in the first place? Was the fare cheaper than the Panama Canal? Okay, enough questions. My head's starting to hurt again.

James Chatterton

Richard said...

If Samachson had written this, the science facts would have been more interesting and the script would have been witty.

Anthony said...

Guess it's a human that turned *into* a gorilla/wolfman-type creature? Or another guy who eventually moved to Earth-C and/or became a 50s B-movie movie star, like the giant rabbit awhile back :-p

Guess we'll never know if the Earth-2 Aquaman *did* ever get hitched like his Earth-1 counterpart, unless I missed some post-Golden Age story that stated otherwise...

Re: Superboy: That kid in the back of the box on the cover (with the blown-off-his-head Jughead Jones cap---this from the era when Jughead's hat *was* in fashion) looks more terrified than his pal up front.

(Plot of this issue's Superboy story: Superboy helps a salesman perform "impossible" sales tasks to teach his crooked boss a lesson.)

Joseph Brian Scott said...

Where else would he keep his wallet?

Esther Grable. The writer burned the midnight candle coming up with that one, didn't he?

Looks like she was in the 1948 version of "Tintorera."

Russell said...

Anybody else notice that The Daily Bugle reviewed it and thought "it went overboard"? (first page, second panel) Although I think in this context it means they liked it. Haha! J. Jonah probably got his start as a movie critic! I love it.

rob! said...

James--E2 was simultaneously extra-goofy and extra-violent. Strange place.


Anthony--I haven't read the rest of the stories yet, but I don't think the E2 Aquaman ever got hitched. Sad, really.

JBS--"Esther Grable" later co-starred with Hedy Hepburn in 1939's "The Females."

Russell--Wow, I didn't even notice that!! Nice catch.

Wings1295 said...

Wacky, to say the least. But classic fun, as well. :)

Aaron said...

@Russell & rob!: Perhaps JJJ was jilted by Esther Grable who had already revealed her crush on Aquaman and that's why he carries a deep, burning dislike of costumed crime-fighters?

It was really fun to see the Sea King act like a lovesick schoolboy.

BTW, my word verification was "wayll"- how Aquaman!

Tegan said...

Ha, and when I first read this my thoughts were more along the lines of "If he watches a movie in a theater, AND goes to sleep on a train for a journey, there's no one-hour limit, darnit!"