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Sunday, June 05, 2011

Aqua-Crossword #4

JLA Baddies
Each of these super creeps actually faced Aquaman at one time or another, so he helped stop them at least once during the Silver Age (Classic JLA) era

1. writer who wrote himself in as a bad guy
5. big in Vegas? (abbrev)
6. has a huge hate-on for Adam Strange
7. ate up the JLA's fear and smacked its lips for more
9. has fantastic fingers, so he says
12. Moe, Curly, and Larry they ain't
15. "Winner Takes The Earth!" aliens
16. 3rd Eye Not So Blind
19. Aquaman One-Hit Wonder with a bodiless uniform
21. one of the JLA's "brightest" enemies
24. "Drones of the _______"
25. "______ Kills The JLA...Today!"
26. so a lyme popsicle would stop him?
28. Volthoom!
29. bipolar baddie with a black diamond

2. like an evil Pat Sajak?
3. originally fought the Seven Soldiers of Victory
4. The Cosmic Vampire
8. aka Cheops, Genghis, and that guy who cut you off in traffic
10. all those gadgets and still always late
11. "The _____ Will Get You If You Don't Watch Out!"
13. The One Man Justice League
14. Weaponers of ____, armed with lightning and short shorts
17. not Snapper Carr, not really
18. dreamt of hitting it big with his antigravity disks
20. killer of Vibe and Steel (abbrev)
22. turned the JLA into Justa Lotta Animals
23. Red Tornado proved stronger in the end
25. looking for a brand new pair of roller skates?
27. "Balance of Power" leader

(Puzzle courtesy F.O.A.M.er Russell Burbage!)


Wings1295 said...

Didn't get to last week's puzzle, my own fault. Hoping to complete this one before the answers are revealed next week! Thanks again, guys!

Russell said...

If you're a Silver/Bronze Age Aquaman/JLA fan you should have no trouble. :-)

Joseph Brian Scott said...

I really enjoy these! Thanks once again for going to the effort.

Russell said...

Those of you who might be having trouble, I recommend you check out Rob's blog on the JLA. Look at the sidebars on the right side; most of the villains there are featured here. Have fun! :-)