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Sunday, June 05, 2011

Aqua-Crossword #3 Answers

1. Catty Legion of Doom member Cheetah
6. Fellow JLAer "Z" Zatanna
8. Injustice Gang member Poison Ivy
10. Garth's wife Dolphin
14. Arthur's wife Mera
15. Shark mermaid Letifos
17. Gotham Vigilante/Librarian Batgirl
19. Arthur's Sister-in-Law Siren
21. Aquagirl 2 Lorena
22. RFG member Queen
23. Arthur's "First-Time" Kako
24. Apish Legion of Doom member Giganta
25. Arthur's mother Atlanna
2. Aquagirl 1 Tula
3. Fellow JLAer Shayera Hawkwoman
4. Super Friend for season 1 only Wendy
5. Super Friend with her twin brother Janya
7. Superman's wife Lois Lane
9. Garth's best girl friend WonderGirl
11. Zazzala QueenBee
12. Gave Arthur his water hand Lady of the Lake
13. Arthur made out with her in JLE PowerGirl
16. Fellow JLAer Dinah BlackCanary
18. Fellow JLAer Diana WonderWoman
19. Kal-El's cousin Supergirl
20. Thierna Na Oge sorceress Nuada

New puzzle up later today!

1 comment:

Joseph Brian Scott said...

I got all these except 22 across. I have no idea what an RFG is. Is it a conglomeration of 70s/80s musical supergroups? Royally Frigid Glamazons? Role Frenching Games?