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Monday, May 09, 2011

Total Armor Aquaman by Mattel - 2011

Because I don't collect many toys outside of those colored orange and green, I don't stop by the local Target's toy aisle as much as I used to. But for whatever reason, I decided to stroll down there a week or two ago, and lo and behold I saw this!

I knew there was some line of "deluxe" Brave and the Bold figures, but I had sort of forgotten about them, so I was delighted to see this--and amid the three pegs reserved for this line, there was only one or two left, a Batman and this one. Brisk sellers!

I'm not willing to open up the package, so a shot of the back will have to suffice in regards of what this baby actually does:
I can't be sure, but it seems there are only three figures in this line--Batman, Aquaman, and Plastic Man. Once again, Brave and the Bold delivers the goods when it comes to putting the Sea King front and center!



Wings1295 said...

Outrageous and awesome!

Joe Huber said...

They are selling out rapidly in my area too, which is both surprising and exciting since these are repaints/re-releases of earlier B&B figures. It just proves that the line still has legs even though the cartoon is coming to a close.

Orin's dad said...

I go to Target every week and almost always check the toy aisles (just cause Orin is 5 and I like toys), and have never seen this one! Outrageous! I need to find one of these. I now have a new mission for the week. :-)

David J. Cutler said...

My general rule is I don't pick up anything not representative of an Aquaman look established in a comic or TV show (the total armor Aquaman springs to mind) but this looks pretty cool. Still haven't found the original orange shirt BATB Aquaman.

Russell said...

I can't find this one, either, and I've been looking for about two weeks. :-(

Orin's dad said...

@David, I generally follow your rule too, and usually only buy orange shirt Aquaman stuff, with the occassional hook hand look stuff thrown in for good measure, but I do like the look and the packaging on this one and might have to make an exception if the price is right.