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Monday, May 30, 2011

Random Panel of the Day #167



Tempest127 said...

Oh boy--here comes the smack-down, kids! Run in the other direction!

r duncan said...

I always found it interesting that ALL superheroes were exactly the same height. (At least until Wolverine came along.) All teen superheroes were exactly the same height, too, but a tad shorter.

Tempest127 said...

I'll have to go with you on that one, with the exception of Wolverine, Gambit (who is exceptionally tall), Sasquatch and Puck. All DC adult males seem cut from the same mold in matters of height ('cept maybe The Atom)...!

On the Aqua-front, Aqualad/Tempest was often (not always) shown as shorter than the other Titan boys; he was never supposed to be quite as mature as they were, given that Atlanteans had much slower metabolism rates and much longer life spans. In fact, Roy Harper makes of point of reminding everyone that he was taller than Garth when they were kids (last page of the JLA/Titans mini). Additionally, as proof of their differing development, Garth was never depicted with facial hair, even when being awakened in the middle of the night or shown first thing in the morning, unlike his counterparts. He'd obviously caught up with them by the time of "Kingdom Come," of course, since he sported a beard (but by then he was well into middle age).

JD said...

I'm glad comic book characters are drawn with different heights now.

And yikes, those darn kids are in trouble AGAIN! Their mentors can't leave them alone for even a minute. ;)

And shouldn't Wonder Woman be there to scold Donna? Or was she still resigned from the Justice League & in the midst of her depowered Mod era during this?

Megara said...

I love the innocent but yet exciting feel to the older JLA stories,where you never knew what would happen, but somehow everything would be ok at the end!