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Friday, May 27, 2011

Random Panel of the Day #165



Wings1295 said...

Hmm... Hit man out to kill him or someone going to recruit him for a team? Cannot recall.

Russell said...

You are *never* supposed to go in after him. :-)

I like this. It feels very "Mission Impossible-y."

drawmein said...

From Aquaman #9 by PAD and Joe St. Pierre.

This was my first issue of Aquaman I picked up.. ever. I totally remembered this panel.

JD said...

It's funny as the intel being given here is totally out of date as by this point Arthur was all barbarian-ed out with all the hair & the hook hand. Yes, definitely Mission Impossible-esque. That show was very fun, & the Tom Cruise movies really didn't reproduce the vibe of the show at all.