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Friday, May 27, 2011

Custom Mego AquaCave

Last week the Shrine posted pics of an awesome custom Aquaman Mego-style three-pack made by F.O.A.M. member Anthony Durso. It was, fittingly, well-received.

As if that wasn't cool enough, Anthony also made this custom AquaCave playset for Aquaman and his family to hang out in! Outrageous!

Anthony adeptly straddled the line between making the set look cool to modern eyes while not getting too far away from what an AquaCave playset made by Mego circa the mid-to-late-70s would have actually looked like. Aquaman's control panel, with shots of Black Manta, Ocean Master, and The Fisherman, is right out of the Mego Hall of Justice playset, one of my most beloved items and one of Mego's finest creations.

Beautiful work, Anthony!


Wings1295 said...

That rocks! Yeah, I think it is more awesome than a vintage-era Aquacave would have looked, but that does nothing to diminish its level of awesome! Very nice, bet every Aquafan wishes they had this behind their figures on the shelf!

Russell said...

Great work! In fact, I'm interested to know if Anthony would explain how he made it. It looks like a typical tryptich folding stand-up you can buy at Hobby Lobby type places. So were the graphics photo shopped, color printed, then glued on? I feel an Arts and Crafts project coming on....! :-)

John said...

Where were toys like this when I was a kid? *Sigh*

Great job, Mr. Durso!

Joseph Brian Scott said...

So creative! I would have loved to have something like this. Ain't you got the fun!

wich2 said...

Anthony's stuff is da bomb.


JasonMotesBowles said...

That's incredible! Any chance of posting a bigger more detailed version of the first pic? I'd like to make out the finer details.

rob! said...


I don't have bigger pics, but maybe Anthony does...?

IADW said...

Wow that is really cool! Beats the colouring in pencil Batcave I once drew on computer paper for my kenner figures to get their news from!

Anthony Durso said...

Thanks guys! This is one of the earlier custom displaysets I did. The sizing/format was in line to fit in with the Dida Displays vinyl playsets. But for this prototype it's just mounted to poster board.

All artwork is scanned, converted to line art, re-colored and reassembled into the layout you see.

I don't have any larger pics and this proto is long gone...but I plan to revisit this soon as a three sided carry-case style complete with roof and floor. So I'll be sure to send Rob new pics for an update.

rob! said...

Looking forward to it Anthony!

(BTW, send me an email so I can send you the FOAM certificate!)