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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cover to Cover: Superman Vs. Muhammad Ali

Whew! We haven't done a Cover to Cover segment in a long while, but thanks to F.O.A.M.er extraordinaire Russell Burbage we have a fine example today.

The cover to 1978's awesome Superman vs. Muhammad Ali treasury edition was a wraparound by Neal Adams, where he filled the crowd with dozens (172, to be exact) of famous faces, other DC characters, DC staffers, and assorted celebrities at the time--after all, who would want to miss the Fight of the Century?

Even being very familiar with this book, I completely forgot Aquaman--in his civilian guise of Arthur Curry--did attend!:
Naturally, he's sitting with his JLA pals Hal Jordan, Ray Palmer, and Oliver Queen. Being in the JLA, they got good seats--this detail is from the front cover, so they all were pretty close to the action. I wonder why Mera didn't go?

Great catch, thanks Russell!


JD said...

Mera didn't go because SOMEONE had to be the responsible one and preside over Atlantis. ;)

Joseph Brian Scott said...

I had this! I loved it.

It's funny, because at first glance it looks like the two in the lower right could be Arthur and Garth.

Plaidstallions said...

It's the publication where I first learned Aquaman had a secret identity.

Russell said...

@Joseph, that IS Garth. The blonde I think is a miscolored Roy or Wally.
Verification, Rob?

Thanks for posting this, Rob. I feel mighty important today. :-)

rob! said...

That is Garth, and a miscolored Wally, according to the key in the book.

Thanks for sending it in, RB! I love the Cover to Cover feature and am always happy to run another one.

Laurie S. Sutton said...

OMG! I'm ON that cover! I think I'm on the back of the wraparound somewhere. Wow, that takes me back.