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Saturday, May 14, 2011

All-New Brave and the Bold #7 - July 2011

In the latest issue of The All-New Batman: Brave and the Bold (#7, out this week), Li'l Aquaman makes a guest appearance alongside his fellow Baby JLAers in a heretofore unseen adventure involving The Time Trapper.

For those who aren't reading it, writer Sholly Fisch and artists Rick Burchett and Dan Davis are doing superb work on this series; delivering light-hearted superhero fun while staying true to the characters. I really enjoy reading this book (even when Aquaman isn't in it!), and I enjoy subsequently handing it off to various nephews even more!


Mr. Morbid's House Of Fun said...

Cute stuff; very silver-agey. Definitely something to give to little kids to read.

Wings1295 said...

Cute - they look fresh out of some 1920s-30s era toon!

JD said...

Yes very adorable, Marvel's X-Babies still have fans after all these years, maybe DC should follow suit and do a spin off with The Justice Babies!