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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Flashpoint #1 - July 2011

Comics Weekend "Flashpoint" by Geoff Johns, Andy Kubert, and Sandra Hope.

"Flashpoint" opens with Barry Allen, aka The Flash, and a brief recap of his life, including his adventures with super-powered pals:
But this is not the same world most of us are familiar with. There are some of the same people, but they're each a little different.

Case in point: Cyborg arrives in Gotham City with a team of heroes to go on a dangerous mission:
Aquaman and Wonder Woman, in a battle to take over the world? What the?!?

Batman refuses to join up with Cyborg, causing most of the other heroes to beg off. Later, Barry Allen goes to visit Wayne Manor, now in a state of disrepair.

He enters the BatCave, and is startled by Batman. But this Batman is...Thomas Wayne? Again, what the?!? To be continued!

The Shrine will be covering all of Aquaman's appearances in Flashpoint: here, Emperor Aquaman, and any other crossover books, so get ready!


Simone said...

Shit just got real.

Russell said...

Let me know if I should buy this, Rob. So far it sounds like, Eh, not so much. :-(

rob! said...

We cover Flashpoint so you don't have to, Russell!

Wings1295 said...

Interesting so far!

JD said...

With Arthur & Diana being made bloodthirsty mass murderers from the get go, I already can't wait for Flashpoint to be over.

Aaron said...

I read it. Surprisingly, I don't hate it.