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Friday, April 22, 2011

Tempest Mini-Series Ad - 1996

This is the handsome house ad DC ran for the 1996 Tempest mini-series, the first time Aquaman's former sidekick received his own series.

I've had this in my "To Post" folder for a while, laying it wait until I finally got around to re-reading the series and writing up some Comics Weekend recaps about the book, since the Shrine has yet to cover it.

But now we're ready, so be here tomorrow when we'll look at Tempest #s 1 and 2!


Wings1295 said...

Can't wait! And Tempest is the one sadly still missing piece of the Aqua-family. Maybe somewhere in the LONG-run of the new Aquaman series. :)

David J. Cutler said...

I'd see this house ad occasionally right when I first started buying DC books (other than a scattered Superman or Batman I was Marvel exclusive from 91-96) and I'm curious to finally know what it was all about. I have to confess, at first I thought it was about some kind of super caveman.

If/when Tempest comes back, I've got my fingers tightly crossed for a new name and costume. Tempest has always sounded too much like Temptress to me.

Joe Slab said...

A great if not overlooked series that did justice to Garth's character!

Let's hope we see it in trade someday soon.

John said...

I was lucky enough to meet Phil Jimenez at a comic convention (in Minneapolis of all places. Other than Dan Jurgens, who lives here, we don't often get the big names). Really nice guy and he signed my Tempest #1. Crush at first sight (on my part).

JD said...

Jimenez did a great job on this series and Garth became a more interesting character as Tempest, hope he gets revived soon and this mini finally gets collected in TPB. Although the face tattoo was sort of a WTF choice, but the Tempest costume was reminiscent of the Aquaman camouflage suit from the 80's and I liked it. Really miss Garth and his death was totally pointless.

Tempest127 said...

As mistress of all things Tempest, I've covered all four issues of the series and the transitional tale featured in Showcase '96 No.1 on my Tempest site. Needless to say, this series was pivotal to the further development of our vital yet often overlooked reluctant hero. Beautifully drawn and plotted with a sensitivity to Garth's unique position as a Prince without a kingdom and a man forced into life without the maid he adored, no one could have done better by this series than Phil Jimenez. Best mini- series ever!

David J. Cutler said...

I love Garth as much as the next nutcase who loves Aquaman, but Tempest has my least favorite name (and costume) of all time. I'm incredibly anxious to see if interior pages from this mini-series can change my mind.