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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Adventure Comics #119 - Aug. 1947

Comics Weekend "The Floating Observatory!" by Don Cameron and Louis Cazeneuve.

It's Adventure Sunday!

As Superboy acts as The Kryptonian Hand of the Marketplace, Aquaman's adventure takes place as far away from the seven seas as possible: outer space!
Joe Saturn straps Aquaman to a rocket, and launches it into the sky! It comes back down to Earth miles away, splashing into the ocean.

The rocket, on its way to the ocean floor, passes by an octopus. Aquaman asks help from his multi-armed pal, and the octopus obliges by squeezing the rocket so hardit snaps, freeing the Sea King. He makes a beeline for Joe Saturn's boat:
...and so ends another adventure with Aquaman!

I love Joe Saturn's exclamation: "Ya wouldn't dare--or would ya?" Maybe the Silver Age Aquaman wouldn't, Joe, but this is the Golden Age version, who loves nothing more than hurling gold bricks at bad guys' heads or setting them on fire. You steals your money, you takes your chances. Ask Black Jack.

On a separate note, what's up with the ad for Tomahawk in the last panel? Aquaman went just under twenty years without a single cover, the least DC could do was keep giving him that little last panel plug at the end of every story.

Finally, those that follow Adventure Sunday carefully might wonder why last week the Shrine covered Adventure Comics #117, and this week #119--where's #118?

For whatever reason, there is no Aquaman strip in Adventure #118--I looked up the stories for that issue, and the other features (Superboy, Green Arrow, Johnny Quick, and Shining Knight) each seem a page or two longer than they normally were, filling up the space where Aquaman normally would have been. Who knows why?


Anthony said...

One question: when was the first time Aquaman actually went into space?

Re: Superboy: The Superboy story in this issue sees him forced to save a date (not Lana, who doesn't debut for several more years) and her father from criminals.

Re: Tomahawk: Tomahawk first appeared in "Star-Spangled Comics" #69 in June 1947. As this week's Adventure issue is dated for August '47, maybe they just wanted to give a plug for their then-new feature?

Anonymous said...

Love the Adventure Sundays! Keep 'em coming.

As for 118: How is a longer Shining Knight strip of any use to anyone? Golden age Aquaman was where it was at!

James Chatterton

rob! said...


How is a longer Shining Knight strip of any use to anyone?

Then I guess you're not going to be on board with my new blog, The Shrining Knight!

rob! said...

@Anthony--Good question about AM going into space. I imagine he'll make it there at some point in these 1940s/50s stories.