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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tiny Titans #38 - May 2011

Comics Weekend Tiny Titans #38 by Art Baltazar and Franco.

This month's issue of the always-charming Tiny Titans is, as the cover suggests, an all-underwater issue, which means its all Aqualad, Aquagirl, Topo, and other finny friends!

But its not all the junior partners--Aquaman and Mera do make an appearance:
...aww yeah, Aquaman and Mera!


Wings1295 said...

How awesome is this???

Siskoid said...

To the Power of 10 at least!

Joe Slab said...

I love that Arthur is reading Wednesday Comics!

Tempest127 said...

I love that Arthur is carrying his trident around the house! So, so cute--this is the best book that DC publishes these days.

rob! said...


Siskoid---I agree x10!

Joe--I loved that detail, too. Should have mentioned it in the post.

Tempest--I agree. How is this not an animated series yet???