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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Brightest Day #22 - May 2011

Comics Weekend "The End And The Beginning" by Geoff Johns, Peter J. Tomasi, Scott Clark, Ivan Reis, and more.

This issue of Brightest Day focuses almost entirely on Firestorm (check out Firestorm Fan for all your non-depressing-reality nuclear-related news), so other than a couple of brief appearances of Zombie Aquaman:
...there's no Aquaman or Mera to be found this issue. Maybe in two weeks?

But Aquaman--a version as far away from this one as possible--does make an appearance in another DC book this week, so come back in a few hours to check it out!


Wings1295 said...

Guess we have to wait for the finale?

Russell said...

How many issues is this series going to be?!?

rob! said...

Looks like two more. DC has #s 23 and 24 on their schedule.

IADW said...

This issue has just arrived here today - so much for late subs! Looking forward to reading it tonight!