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Friday, January 28, 2011

Bootleg Aquaman Figure

This is another example in the sad, sad line of bootleg Aquaman action figures. Most of them hail from countries outside the United States, but not exclusively.

This was on sale on eBay and the seller said it hails from Mexico, but of course who can be sure? Its not like the manufacturer was overwhelmingly proud of their work and wanted to make sure everyone knew who made this baby. With a figure like this, it would take less time to mention the stuff they got right.

This was pointed out to me by my pal and F.O.A.M.er Dan Hunter. Thanks Dan!


Earth 2 Chris said...

With that collar and his semi-fro, it almost looks like bootleg AquaLAD!!!


Wings1295 said...

Our Aquaman would get kicked in the nads if he complained about his life. This "Aqua"Man has obviously had a much, much harder life.

Aaron said...

I concur with Earth 2 Chris- that sad, sad sculpt seems to have been an Aqualad.