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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Aquaman for $1.99 at Target

This is F.O.A.M.er Nick Allen, who just nabbed this cool-o JLA-style notebook at Target for only $1.99!

The Shrine has posted others in this series before, but this one's new to me. Nice get, Nick, and thanks for sharing!


Diabolu Frank said...

Where is Wonder Woman? Look kids-- it's the Sausage Factory of Injustice!

Brent said...

@Diabolu: for a while they had 2 or 3 versions of JUST Wonder Woman. Maybe she was too much woman for such a small notebook. :)

Aaron said...

I went out today and bought this. They also had 4 different Wonder Woman notebooks (in two sizes) and a Batman notebook. Additionally, they had a JLA Pocket folder (with good JLGL art on the inside and back) and two different Wonder Woman pocket folders. Trust me, the Amazon is well represented. I can only assume that Martian Manhunter is invisible on all this stationery.

Diabolu Frank said...

Cool! I bought the two Ed Hannigan cover reproductions of '80s Wonder Woman comics at Wall*Mart last year in notebook and pocket folder form. Now I wants me some JLGL ones! It is rather a shame about Martian Manhunter, but there's a lot less good old stock art to work with there.