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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Spiral Notebook - 2008

During my round-up of "DC Originals" notebooks a few months ago, I somehow forgot to post this one, probably my favorite of all of them--a very exciting collage of Aquaman, Batman, Flash, and Superman stock art poses by Jose Luis Garcia Lopez!

I especially like the white halftone effect behind all the heroes, it gives the whole piece an extra bit of oomph which I think looks really good.

And, of course, Aquaman is quite prominent, and that's always a good thing around here!


misterperturbed said...

Has Jose Luis Garcia Lopez ever done any interior work with Aquaman? I cannot think of any.

Russell said...

I never found this notebook myself. My daughter said she had a friend who had it, and that day we went to Target to try to find it but to no avail. (We did find The Office stuff, though, which was a cool runner-up prize.)

I am always amazed that this sort of stuff is out there, and yet Dan Didio has the nerve to say that Aquaman isn't one of DC's top characters. (sigh)

And to answer your question, Mr. Perturbed, as far as I know Mr. Garcia-Lopez has never drawn an interior Aquaman story.

Wings1295 said...

Very nice! I found the Batman/Aquaman one. I like it. :)

Luis said...

You just can't go wrong with Garcia-Lopez art! Great looking notebook.

IADW said...

If that ever comes to these shores it's as good as mine! And Aquaman is in front of Superman - Bout time!