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Thursday, December 09, 2010

Breaking News: Geoff Johns on Aquaman in 2011

sg This interview with Geoff Johns at Newsarama, out today, confirms that Johns will be writing an Aquaman series of some sort in 2011!

Here's the exact quote: "
[C]onfirming that he'll be writing Aquaman in a comic next year." That doesn't quite say solo series, but it clearly indicates that Aquaman will be back after Brightest Day, and Johns will be writing him.

(h/t: F.O.A.M.er Joe Slab)


David J. Cutler said...

I maintain that it will be in Justice League haha--but I'm hoping I'm wrong. Johns could place Aquaman's solo title in the top 20 easily.

Diabolu Frank said...

I in no way dispute the safe assumption that Geoff Johns will launch Aquaman as a solo character in an ongoing series next year. However, the interviewer leaps to conclusions without a firm basis in Johns' comments. For instance, I'm pretty sure the AquaWar in
Brightest Day counts as writing Aquaman in 2011.

Doug said...

Awesome! I assume it will be Adventure Comics since Superboy has his own series now?

Joe Slab said...

Interesting enough and not unexpected. It definitely falls short of confirming an Aquaman ongoing, but Newsarama staff feel strong enough about conclusions drawn from the interview to tweet:

"Confirmed: Geoff Johns on Aquaman in 2011." on the official @Newsarama twitter page.

Perhaps he gave them additional scoop that they weren't allowed to print just yet? I know DC slammed the lid on the leaks about a new Hawkman series announced by James Robinson in error a while back.

Joe Slab

Joe Slab said...

@David J Cutler:

I think Aquaman taking over the JLA is what Johns teased will happen in Brightest Day #19!

Wings1295 said...

Good news, I hope!

Anonymous said...

@David J. Cutler: I hope you're right... about being wrong! ;)

Oh man, At this point, anything's good, even a back-up feature in Azrael would be nice.

Meanwhile, Image's Marineman #1 is out there!

IADW said...

Wow that is awesome news - even if it's a Johns written, Aquaman lead JLA, Geoff has done so much for the character it's good to know he'll be keeping on keeping on.

JasonMotesBowles said...

Excellent news... I'll read it no matter what book it is! Johns has done more for Aquaman than any other creator in years!

W said...

I don't want Johns writing Aquaman... I don't want Johns writing at all anymore...

Wooly Rupert said...

So the JLA is gong back to Detroit?

Anonymous said...

@Kyle Urban: John's has sure lost his touch, hasnt he? He's all about pointless cliffhangers now. No concise, compelling, contained storytelling anymore. Just BS.

I'm with u. BUT if Johns writing Aquaman is the only way were gonna see the king of seas back in action? Well, better that than nothing, right?

W said...

@TheZoner, I agree with your assessment of Johns. I loved his Wally West Flash run, his first JSA run (haven't read the new Justice Society of America stuff), and even his GL basically up to the Sinestro Corps. War (and even then, I had a major issue with Rebirth and kind of irked by his team selection for the Generals in the Fear Corps).

But he just totally lost me after that, especially with Blackest Night and Flash: Rebirth.

Let Johns do his thing with Brightest Day, I mean, he's going to anyway of course. But once it's done I'd love to see someone else handle a new Aquaman ongoing / star-of-the-book team title.

Maybe Mark Waid, Joe Kelley, Christos Gage, or Abnett & Lanning.

Or heck, get Kurt Busiek back, but writing for the real Arthur Curry (I found his Sword of Atlantis to be pretty amazing, myself).

I'd love to suggest J. Michael Straczynski, but he can't keep a book on time very well at all (and kind of stopped the whole single issue thing, to boot).

Or, heck, I'd be okay with DC giving a never-heard-of-before writer a shot, as long as he was very much tried and tested for the title (and ability to meet deadlines) well before it was announced, much less launched.

rob! said...

Okay, enough already! I'll do it!