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Friday, December 10, 2010

Aquaman by Ramona Fradon & Marie Severin, Pt. 2

Here is the second of two Ramona Fradon/Marie Severin prints that I mentioned on Monday, generously sent to me by Paul Kupperberg. For Aqua-Fans this one's a little more exciting I guess because it features Arthur and Garth, who has managed to get himself into yet another sidekick-esque scrape.

A beautiful piece, wonderfully colored--if Aquaman had managed to get his own 1960s daily comic strip (he was a TV star, after all), this is what I imagined it would look like.

Thanks again Paul!


Wings1295 said...

Wonderful! So great for you to get & so great for you to share it with all of us!

HollyH said...

That is gorgeous!

I have to say, though, that it is perhaps a failing of mine that I get bugged by biological inconsistencies in relation to Aquaman's finny friends. Yeah, I know... I'm suspending disbelief with regard to people who can be superpowered and breathe underwater and all... but I object to fish that don't exist or are drawn inaccurately? (And while this piece by Fradon is actually one of the better ones in that respect, there is a LOT of "hmm, drawn without references, I see" in Aquaman stories.)

Here, I'm afraid I'm immediately distracted by two thoughts. First: "right, a bone/cartilage/tooth saw is totally going to be able to get through something made out of either stone or metal." Second: "dude, swordfish don't have serrated swords!" (In contrast with the actual sawfish arriving in the background... whose saws are still cartilage and not really likely to be helpful here.)

Sorry to be a killjoy. It does mean that when I come across Aquaman art that falls on the more accurate side of the scale, I'm extra-delighted! (Note: I also don't mind fantastically-large versions of things like squid or octopi. I'm not saying that the denizens of the deep always have to be "real", just that I prefer the fantastic leavened with some respect for realism.)

In which case, poor Garth here is just screwed, because I can't think of a normal biological entity that could really affect stone or metal. A metal lever and Aquaman's own super-strength would seem like a better bet.

Tempest127 said...

Oy, Rob--lay off of the kid, will ya? Garth rarely got into scrapes as sidekicks go and was generally resourceful against the baddies.

I bought that same piece and the previous print from Ramona at Comic-Con many years ago. Someone at work stole this one from my partition, so I was glad I'd bought two. (I also have the blown-up print of the "Sea Creatures From One Billion B.C." cover from Showcase). This one is, of course, my favorite. (Garth! Garth! Garth)!

Anonymous said...

I know this thread is old but here goes nothing. I bought a house recently and I found this same print laying in a cabinet. Any idea what it's worth or where to get more like it?