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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Random Panel of the Day #78



Aaron said...

I know I read this one recently -- couldn't help but think Superman is in the lucky position of being the only guy that can actually whisper secrets to people and ivce versa behind people's back in the League, since normally he'd hear everyone else. He'd probably end up being the JLA gossip by default.

Now I have to go back and find it, I'm trying to remember what Reddy said to get Ollie to zip it.

Randy said...

I'd have to locate the exact issue too, Aaron, but I seem to recall that black Canary was injured by the villain of the month. Green Arrow wanted to rush off and beat the person/people responsible. The other members probably tried to rationalize with Ollie (we need a plan, we have to discover his M.O., etc.) but it wasn't until Reddy said whatever it was he said that GA calmed down.