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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Newsarama Poll Results

On Tuesday the Shrine provided a link to a Newsarama poll asking people to vote for their favorite Brightest Day storyline.

The poll closed on Thursday, and as you can see here, Aquaman ran away with it, finishing almost 17% ahead of the second place candidate, Deadman. Finally, Aquaman wins a poll!

Thanks to every Aqua-Fan who voted, and to F.O.A.M.ers Joe Slab and Dennis Doucette for letting the Shrine know about the poll in the first place!


Wings1295 said...


Joe Slab said...

Has @newsarama called the winner yet?

Link appears active and voting still open...In any case, great to see old fans and what I believe are many, many new fans stepping up to let everyone know who is King in Brightest Day.

Doug said...

Sorry to say it, but I'm one of the 163. I figured Aquaman would have a fair edge, so I needed to give my guy a bit of a goose. . .

Saranga said...

i'm surprised the hawks finished last. I think that's one of the stronger stories in BD.
J'onn's story however is just dull.