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Saturday, November 13, 2010


No, this isn't a fever dream you're having--these are actually pictures of people simultaneously dressed as superheroes and muppets. And, as you can see, Aqua-Kermit (an appropriate mash-up) is there partying down!

These photos are from a Muppet-themed Halloween party, and are courtesy F.O.A.M.er Joe Hennes, who runs the amazingly comprehensive and handsome site ToughPigs.com, dedicated to adult Muppet fans. If you look through the photo archives, you'll find all manner of people dressed as Muppets--regular folk, little kids, celebrities, and even a couple of hot women in sort of sexy Muppet attire, a mixture I find unsettling.

These photos might not be the oddest thing the Shrine has ever posted, but they're close. Thanks Joe!


Brent said...

LOVE the trident/fly swatter!

Saranga said...

who's gonzo meant to be?

I have sunday morning brain freeze.

Brent said...

@Saranga: at first I thought Spider-Man, but if you look closely, it's a Superman shield with Gonzo's profile in it. So I guess Super Gonzo. Altho I don't get the sparkly disco outfit...

Tempest127 said...

Haaa, reminds me of "Wonder Pig" from the Happy Meal toys collection (it was Petunia Pig dressed as Wonder Woman)...

Anonymous said...

I took the pictures of the four at the Silver Snail Halloween party in Toronto 2010. The four won best in show and were the highlight of the night.
Miss Piggy was indeed a dude, as was Fozzie.
Gordon Y.

p.s. Silver Snail is on Queen St. West in Toronto and sells two floors of comic books, memorabilia and other assorted stuff. They even have Animal watching over you as you enter.


Cory said...

Super Gonzo Here! Check out more it Fozzie Bat's Blog: