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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Brightest Day #14 - Jan. 2011

Comics Weekend "Acrobats" by Geoff Johns, Peter J. Tomasi, Ivan Reis, and Joe Prado.

This is yet another issue of Brightest Day that does not feature Aquaman or Mera. But all is not totally lost--I did pick up another DC book that does feature the Sea King, which we'll get to later today!

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Joe Slab said...

Anyone feeling a bit frustrated by Brightest Day at this point???

Here are some stats: 14 issues, 5 of which have had no Aquaman at all (6 if you count the sad 2 panel appearance he was given in #2).

On the upside he has appeared on 10 out of 28 covers with 5 of them being solo (the most of any character featured)thus far.