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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Batman: Odyssey #4 - Dec. 2010

Comics Weekend "Batman: Odyssey Part 4" by Neal Adams and Scott Williams.

We heard a few months before it debuted that Neal Adams' Batman: Odyssey mini-series would feature a guest appearance by Aquaman and so I was very excited to pick up the series once it debuted.

All that excitement sorta dissipated once I read the first issue, so I decided to simply page through the following issues to see when Aquaman showed up. Well, he finally showed his face in Batman: Odyssey #4, which came out a few weeks ago but I just remembered to pick up.

In this alternative Batman universe (Earth-Adams, or something), Ra's Al Ghul's henchman Ubu has been transformed into Man-Bat. While facing off with Batman, Talia, and some others, a giant manta ray comes flying out of the water, shooting a razor-sharp spike into Ubu-Bat's chest:
Having skipped the second and third issues, I have no idea what's going on here, but of course that's my own fault. I'm happy to see Neal Adams draw Aquaman again, even if it this mulleted, fancy-pants version.

With Batman jumping into the ocean, its a safe bet the Sea King will appear in Batman: Odyssey #5, so I guess I'll be buying that one too!


Wings1295 said...

Oooooookay... Aquaman looks like he is being played by some not-too-bright muscle-bound wrestler here.

BBNETMAN said...

That is one saaaaad looking Aquaman. Yeeeesh!

David J. Cutler said...

Haha this may be without question my least favorite Aquaman look of all time. Not sure how I feel about Aquaman the brutal killer in oprera gloves.

Joe Slab said...

Thanks for this update rob! as I have not been springing for the increased price of Batman: Odyssey. And your description of Adams' Aquaman in this book is very apt.

Let' hope Seth McFarlane doesn't get his hands on this issue of he will have enough fodder to make gay Aquaman jokes for a year lol!

Joe Slab

Russell said...

I read the first issue and didn't understand it. Then I saw this cover and don't understand it. Is he holding somebody's head? Is he about to bite them? What the heck? PLUS this Aquaman is not "Aquaman." So I'm not picking this up. :-)

Bribaby said...

What a mixed blessing. You have Neal Adams drawing Aquaman again...yet he looks like this. I would sue! I would sue the Atlantean hairstylist that did that to me! And he's been shopping at the Inhumans' factory outlet in Attilan.

The title of this story? "Die, Ubu, Die!"

IADW said...

Is Batman holding a talking Pomeranian in that cover? No wonder he's scared. Mind you it's only a number of nights alone watching 'Legally Blonde' before the next Robin became a handbag dog.

Sad to see Aquaman handled like this. Could've been great.

Richard said...

I'll match anyone in my admiration for the Neal Adams Aquaman...but that guy up there isn't him. That's an old boxer with a broken nose. Remember how great Aquaman looked drawn by Adams in JLA #94?

The costume changes don't make a lot of sense -- presumably those shoulder things are there to make it harder to swim? why? -- but they don't bother me. The ugly face and clumsy, bad dialogue do.

I've pointed a lot of folks to Aquaman #50-52 when they said Adams can't write. Maybe I was wrong. Obviously he's not a great scripter entirely on his own. But he had interesting ideas, and when he worked with a strong editor for whom he had respect, the finished product could be excellent. I don't think anyone at DC is allowed to edit him here, or knows how, and the end result comes out bizarre and eccentric.

Earth 2 Chris said...

I'm a fan of Neal Adams, but I can't get behind this, I'm sorry to say.


Orly De Gaulle said...

I think I saw Aquaman in "Eastbound and Down." This is not only a terribly drawn Aquaman, but the story is terrible.

David said...

The funny part is, I can remember when I was *relieved* to hear Neal would be writing this himself, and not getting Frank Miller to do it.

I guess there was no real reason to expect Neal to be able to write, but it's pathetic to see he can't draw anymore, either, especially considering he was my hero growing up.

Of course I'm assuming he didn't get his kids to draw it and just sign his name to it. That would seem a bit dishonest, but in a way it'd actually make me feel better.