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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Aquaman (Vol.6) #22 - July 1996

"Reunions" by Peter David, Martin Egeland, and Howard Shum.

This issue opens with an old man, chained to a wall, being tortured by one of the armed invaders we saw last issue, although now we are in the floating city of Basilia, another lost city of Atlantis.

When the enforcer removes their helmet, and we see inside the armor is a beautiful woman. Nevertheless, she is all too happy to whip the old man again, when she is stopped by:
A brief fight ensues, and the woman is knocked close enough to the old man for him to kick her upside the head, knocking her out. Aquaman then helps free the old man:
Meanwhile, Aqualad and Dolphin watch from another part of the city as more soldiers flood the streets of Basilia. A group of them spot Aquaman and Spought, and open fire!

Their gun's blasts are stopped by a force shield that, at first, Aquaman thinks is the effect of a protective spell he's under. But then he sees that it was the work of no less than Atlan, Aquaman's father! Aquaman responds to this with a quick punch across his father's face.

Over in Tritonis, more trouble:

Back in Basilia, Aquaman, Atlan, and Spought have donned the armor of the invaders, to sneak inside their headquarters. Atlan uses his god-like powers to blast the others inside, giving Aquaman the opportunity to tear into them with a ferocity that would give Wolverine a run for his (Canadian) money.

Spought hits a few buttons on a control panel, and all of a sudden Basilia floats up, up, out of the water, turning upside down, dumping the invaders off it surface like so many dead bugs.

Aqualad uses his powers to save himself and Dolphin, plopping them back onto Basilia. Inside, Aquaman tells Spought to direct the city towards Tritonis, where Atlan has told them about Kordax. On the way there, Aquaman and Atlan have a father and son talk:
Meanwhile, across the other side of the world we find ourselves at the White House, where the President has an audience with a special guest:
...to be continued!


Joe Slab said...

One thing that needs to be said; the art on this series was top notch!

David J. Cutler said...

Agree to disagree, Joe! :)

This marks the second issue in a row where I have no idea who these big reveal characters are on the last panel of the last page--keeping in mind I've read all this at some point before!