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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Aquaman (Vol.6) #21 - June 1996

"First Strike!" by Peter David, J. Calafiore, and Peter Palmiotti.

Beauty of a cover by Mike Zeck, eh?

This issue opens in Thierna Na Oge, where two sisters--Bres and Nuada--are locked in a bitter battle for dominance:
Nuada triumphs, but cannot bring herself to kill Bres, so she banishes her to another dimension. She then turns to her subjects, warning they must prepare for a visitor--Aquaman!

Meanwhile, in the Himalayas, Aqualad, Dolphin, and an unconscious Aquaman blast their way out of the mountain. Dolphin wants to go back to Posedonis, but Aqualad suggests Thierna Na Oge.

Once they arrive there, Aquaman finally awakens:
While he talks with Nuada, Aqualad tells Dolphin about Thierna Na Oge and how it is the stronghold of Atlantean sorcery. Dolphin seems impressed at this new, confident man she sees before her, and Garth takes advantage of that, by planting a passionate kiss on her lips.

Dolphin reciprocates--briefly--before realizing what's happening. Aqualad takes off, just in time for the ground of Thierna Na Oge to start rumbling. But its not a seaquake--rather the moon-sized, skull-shaped orb that we've seen in previous issues is hovering right outside!

Aquaman hops in his ship and starts blasting away at it, combined with the mystical powers of the magicians of Thierna Na Oge. A phalanx of armed soldiers burst from it, and brutal, hand-to-hand combat ensues.

One of the soldiers is about to get the drop on Aquaman, but Dolphin is there to blast him in the nick of time. Aquaman is, of course, appreciative:

...to be continued!

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